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GFL-Team | Sea­son 2016


21.05.16:00Düs­sel­dorf Pan­ther vs. Hil­des­heim Inva­ders20 : 51gameday1-2016
29.05.15:00Ber­lin Adler vs. Düs­sel­dorf Pan­ther42 : 39
04.06.17:00Düs­sel­dorf Pan­ther vs. Ham­burg Hus­kies20 : 31gameday2-2016
11.06.17:00Ham­burg Hus­kies vs. Düs­sel­dorf Pan­ther50 : 40
18.06.15:00Dres­den Mon­archs vs. Düs­sel­dorf Pan­ther61 : 14­ker Lions vs. Düs­sel­dorf Pan­ther45 : 06
16.07.17:00Düs­sel­dorf Pan­ther vs. Ber­lin Rebels14 : 36gameday3-2016
23.07.16:00Hil­des­heim Inva­ders  vs. Düs­sel­dorf Pan­ther45 : 37
30.07.17:00Düs­sel­dorf Pan­ther vs. Ber­lin Adler39 : 41gameday4-2016
06.08.17:00Düs­sel­dorf Pan­ther vs. NewYor­ker Lions10 : 49Gameday Mag No. 5/2016
13.08.16:00Kiel Bal­tic Hur­ri­ca­nes vs. Düs­sel­dorf Pan­ther63 : 00
20.08.17:00Düs­sel­dorf Pan­ther vs. Dres­den Mon­archs16 : 69gameday6-2016
28.08.15:00Ber­lin Rebels vs. Düs­sel­dorf Pan­ther34 : 06
03.09.17:00Düs­sel­dorf Pan­ther vs. Kiel Bal­tic Hur­ri­ca­nes09 : 27gameday7-2016
17.09.15:00Düs­sel­dorf Pan­ther vs. Colo­gne Cro­co­di­les (Rele­ga­tion-Hin­spiel)00 : 34gameday8-2016
02.10.14:30Colo­gne Cro­co­di­les vs. Düs­sel­dorf Pan­ther (Rele­ga­tion-Rück­spiel)28 : 00
08.10.17:30Ger­man Bowl XXXVIII


1NewYor­ker Lions141121547:171+37624:4
2Dres­den Mon­archs141022708:345+36322:6
3Kiel Bal­tic Hur­ri­ca­nes141013483:297+18621:7
4Ber­lin Rebels141013494:315+17921:7
5Hil­des­heim Inva­ders14509445:569-12410:18
6Ham­burg Hus­kies144010370:629-2598:20
7Ber­lin Adler143011296:643-3476:22
8Düs­sel­dorf Pan­ther140014270:644-3740:28

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