U10 | Season 2018


10.05.11:00Düsseldorf Panther vs. SG Cardinals/Legions39:06
10.05.12:00Cologne Croco­diles vs. Düsseldorf Panther00:32
10.06.11:00Düsseldorf Panther vs. Bonn Gamecocks36:12
10.06.12:00Düsseldorf Panther vs. Cologne Crocodiles45:00
24.06.11:00Düsseldorf Panther vs. SG Cardinals/Legions34:00
24.06.12:00Bonn Gamecocks vs. Düsseldorf Panther06:34
02.09.11:00SG Cardinals/Legions vs. Düsseldorf Panther06:26
02.09.12:00Cologne Croco­diles vs. Düsseldorf Panther20:12
15.09.11:00Düsseldorf Panther vs. Bonn Gamecocks35:00
15.09.12:00Düsseldorf Panther vs. Cologne Crocodiles25:14
30.09.11:00Düsseldorf Panther vs. SG Cardinals/Legions20:14
30.09.12:00Bonn Gamecocks vs. Düsseldorf Panther06:31


1Düsseldorf Panther121101369:84+28522:2
2Cologne Croco­diles12615171:212-4113:11
3SG Cardinals/Legions12417177:253-769:15
4Bonn Gamecocks122010114:282-1684:20


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