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U19 GFLJ-Team | Sea­son 2018


DatumKick-OffSpielErgeb­nis­dorf Jets vs. Düs­sel­dorf Pan­ther00:51üs­sel­dorf Pan­ther vs. Düs­sel­dorf Typho­ons27:10üs­sel­dorf Pan­ther vs. Colo­gne Cro­co­di­les14:08üs­sel­dorf Pan­ther vs. Pader­born Dol­phins14:14üs­sel­dorf Pan­ther vs. Trois­dorf Jets48:00üs­sel­dorf Typho­ons vs. Düs­sel­dorf Pan­ther21:42­gne Cro­co­di­les vs. Düs­sel­dorf Pan­ther15:20­born Dol­phins vs. Düs­sel­dorf Pan­ther00:20 (gew.)üs­sel­dorf Pan­ther vs. SHA Uni­corns (VF)16:12 Phan­toms vs. Düs­sel­dorf Pan­ther (HF)07:37üs­sel­dorf Pan­ther vs. Paderb. Dol­phins (JB)14:21


1Düs­sel­dorf Pan­ther8710236:68+16813:1
2Pader­born Dol­phins8512223:112+11111:5
3Colo­gne Cro­co­di­les8503203:111+9210:6
4TFG Typho­ons8206100:179-794:12
5Trois­dorf Jets800847:339-2920:16


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